What we do

Pageant Media offers a market-leading portfolio of specialist information products, from databases through to events. Our business strategy is simple: move with the complex demands of the market and respond to our customers' needs.
Our members turn to us for the knowledge we provide.
We deliver the most authoritative news, analysis, opinion and data available on the market - across channels and platforms, as well as premium educational and networking events from awards and summits to roundtables and webinars.
These networks serve as always on, supportive and informative ecosystems, exclusively provided for our members both online and offline. We regularly expand our range of products and services, ensuring that the business delivers consistently high-quality and relevant solutions for each of the sectors we serve.


We provide our members with integrated access to specialised news, data, research, benchmarking information and interactive events. This creates networks that provide mission critical information but also the intelligence needed to act on it. We evolve in tandem with the needs of our clients and the realities of the marketplace.
Knowledge is power. However, accessing it often requires having the right access. Our information services provide round-the-clock global insights and analysis across all of our verticals. We do the heavy lifting, sorting and packaging of information so you don't have to.
Our networking opportunities help our members to identify the latest financial services trends, collaborate with peers, build consensus around decisions to take, or even to chart a new course away from whatever prevailing norm.
Workflow Tools
Our dedicated workflow tools help you manage and execute your day-to-day tasks to optimise performance. Connected to our powerful data and information networks, these tools help you put our intelligence into practice.
Our regularly updated and fully searchable databases provide instant access at members’ fingertips, from key compliance guidelines to performance metrics at both the management firm and fund levels, as well as the buyers and sellers within each sector.