The Pension Bridge

The Pension Bridge

Facilitating connections for over 15 years

The Pension Bridge brings together around 1,000 US investors, consultants and asset managers each year at our flagship events: The Pension Bridge Annual, The Private Equity Exclusive and the Alternatives Conference. The quality of our content and speakers, plus our market-leading ratio of investors to asset managers make our events unique, and the most sought after in the institutional investor conference industry.

Market-leading investor to asset manager ratios

Attracting institutional investors with $3tn of assets

The Pension Bridge Annual is a two day conference held in San Francisco in April each year. It attracts US institutional investors with nearly $3tn of investable assets, more than 500 people attend to hear from and interact with some of the best and most prominent speakers in the asset management industry. With a strict 1:1 ratio of investors to funds, The Annual is the must-attend conference of the year for US institutional investors and their investment consultants and fund managers.

Dedicated events for Private Equity and Alternatives

The Pension Bridge runs two other GP-LP events, one focused on private equity and the other on alternatives. The Private Equity Exclusive was established in July 2007. Taking place annually in Chicago, the event attracts a high-quality audience of over 500 investors and asset managers for content and networking focused entirely on opportunities within private equity. The 2019 event attracted investors with more than $2tn of investable assets.

The Pension Bridge Alternatives, is taking place in October in Los Angeles for the first time with an agenda focused on investment opportunities across alternative asset classes, including alternative credit, real estate, infrastructure, private equity and hedge funds.

The premier us educational conferences for pension fund CIOs

Key facts

ratio of investors to asset managers
of capital in the room at The Annual
of the top 10 US asset managers attend