Diversity & Inclusion

Our Diversity & Inclusiveness Programme has four key networks – The Women’s Network, the LGBTQIA+ Network, the Multicultural Network, and the Wellbeing Network – to promote inclusiveness, cognitive diversity and mental and physical wellbeing to every member of the company.

Women’s Network

Pageant Media is committed to hiring, mentoring and advancing the career of women throughout the company. We are working to balance issues that include gender inequality, paths to advancement and promotion, and inclusiveness as well as working to help working mothers – and fathers – to fulfil their professional and personal obligations. The Pageant Media Women’s Network aims to address this on an office-specific and global level via meetings and seminars that every member of the company is encouraged to take part in.

LGBTQIA+ Network

Being comfortable to bring our whole selves to work means we can be happier, more productive and build better working relationships. The LGBTQIA+ staff network exists to build a supportive and friendly community of members and allies across all Pageant offices, help raise awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues and identify and challenge discrimination.

Multicultural Network

Pageant Media is a global, multicultural, multi-faith company that strives to promote an inclusive and open workplace.This environment, and the diverse people in it, can only thrive if everyone plays their part. This includes being aware of other people’s faiths, backgrounds, practices, beliefs and taking an interest in the diverse backgrounds and experiences. We all have something to learn about ourselves and each other, particularly when it comes to the potential for unconscious bias and how that might affect how we see and treat each other.

Wellbeing Network

Mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing is vital to reduce stress in the workplace. That’s why we want to ensure Pageant is an inclusive environment nurturing all staff, regardless of their mental, physical and/or emotional needs. The Wellness Network aims to raise awareness of all aspects of health, to set up initiatives to promote an inclusive and healthy workplace, to organise inclusive and accessible wellbeing activities, and above all to enable staff to feel secure talking about any issue they may have, be it mental, physical or emotional.

Events D&I Statement

Pageant Media is committed to diversity, equality and inclusion. We aim to reflect this in our events, by representing a variety of viewpoints in our content and by creating a welcoming environment for our members and delegates, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, faith, ability, age or background.

We also want to contribute to improving the diversity, equality and inclusion practices of the industries that we represent, by providing a platform through which underrepresented voices can gain recognition and by committing to improving the diversity of our speakers.

We welcome feedback and suggestions on how we can improve in this area and look forward to contributing to broader positive change.

We also work with partners, venues and companies that share our value D&I and ESG policies.

**In this statement, we use the term diverse to describe all cultures, ethnic groups, race, gender identity, age, sexual orientation mental and physical abilities, education, and professional experience**