Thought leadership

Thought leadership

Providing actionable research since 1974

Through the Portfolio Management Research (PMR) portal, subscribers have unlimited access to a wide range of financial thought-leadership from leading industry figures. PMR has established itself as a trusted source of independent financial intelligence, providing reputable research to investment management professionals since 1974, with the first edition of The Journal of Portfolio Management.

Online platform with 10,000 original articles

With an online database of around 10,000 original articles across more than 60 investment disciplines spanning the full spectrum of investment management, our content enables subscribers to draw actionable learnings that can be applied into any business strategy. The articles we publish display some of the most prominent thought-leadership in the sector, including those seminal articles that have had the greatest impact on the industry, such as the Sharpe Ratio and Black-Scholes Model.

High-calibre industry practitioners

The quality of our content is reflected by the calibre of our contributors. We showcase articles written by some of the most prolific minds in institutional finance, such as Cliff Asness, Richard Thaler and Robert Shiller.

Showcasing the role of big data, AI and machine learning

The business continues to innovate, with, for example, the launch of the Journal of Financial Data Science in February 2019 to showcase the increasing role big data, artificial intelligence and machine-learning play in the investment management community.

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What our customers say about us

Mike Sebastian – Journal of Portfolio Management

I began my career in investments reading The Journal of Portfolio Management. It¹s a must-read for anyone who practices the art and science of finance.

Mike Sebastian, Global Chief Investment Officer, Senior Partner, Aon

Marcos López De Prado – Journal of Portfolio Management

I view The Journal of Portfolio Management as the main synaptic connection between the industry and leading academics. It should be mandatory reading in every business school. Arguably, no other journal has had a comparable influence on both sides of the divide over the last four decades.

Marcos López De Prado, AQR Capital Management