Providing mission critical business information
Pageant Media is a global independent provider of business intelligence and insight, specialising in the financial services sector.
We serve the financial services sector
Providing access to high-quality tailored news, insights, data and specialist networks is what helps our customers to keep on top of their game. Our growing team of passionate professionals has its ear to the ground of the financial services sector.
Pageant Media owns and manages a network of global information products that provide actionable intelligence and insights. Through these products and services, we support our members in managing their businesses and making informed investments.


  • LDN

    Our flagship office and global headquarters, London is home to over 150 Pageant Media staff. From here we direct our regional operations across Europe.
  • NYC

    Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, Pageant Media's New York office puts us right in the middle of the action, keeping our finger on the pulse of this financial centre's evolution.
  • CWL

    Cardiff is home to Pageant's rapidly growing centre of research excellence. Opened in 2017 the team in Wales supports all our data products.
  • HK

    With the highest concentation of banking institutions in the world, Hong Kong plays host to one of the world's most dynamic marketplaces, and to Pageant Media's Asia office.


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Our customers are always at the heart of what we do. Hear for yourself about the benefits they experience from being members in our global networks.
  • “The events are always very well organised, a great mix of roundtable discussions and thought provoking speakers, as well as ample opportunity to network with peers and industry leaders.”
    Iain Anderson, CTO, Cheyne Capital
  • “The speakers were high calibre industry specialists, a perfect balance of expertise across this topic who were able to engage with and retain the attention of the audience…. I came away from the event considerably more informed, and with a better understanding of the next steps my Firm needs to take.”
    Andrea Morrall, Chief Operating Officer, Elva Capital
  • “I’ve recently moved up into a COO role in a business that is rapidly changing. Getting information and advice that is up to date and real world is sometimes hard to come by…. This view is shared by my colleagues in operations, investor relations and legal (to name a few) given that there are specific events laid on for different parts of the business.”
    Alex Morley, Chief Operating Officer, Insparo Asset Management
  • “The COO dinners were a great opportunity to meet and spend time with key members of a company to better understand its product or service in an informal setting…. The New Product Summit was a great opportunity to understand all the key aspects of a new product in a few hours, having the opportunity to ask direct questions to industry experts and to listen to presentations and panels discussions. The format is simply excellent.”
    Antoine Mallard, Founder & CEO, D’Alembert Capital
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